anatomē Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil



anatomē Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil


This stellar blend of 22 botanical essences is the ultimate companion for those who struggle with sleep. Lavender, camomile, frankincense and clary sage work together to help you relax, reset and recover, acting as natural sedatives that help reduce anxiety by soothing both body and mind. Apply to your sensory points 15 minutes before bedtime and see your sleep pattern improve in just seven days.

A holistic apothecary dedicated to relieving the stresses of modern-day life, anatomē uses botanicals to support mind and body, helping you to maintain balance wellbeing both on and off the road.

  • 30ml
Signature ingredients

Lavender: four types including Bulgarian, French, English & Himalayan: is deeply relaxing and emotionally supporting. The scent symbolises cleanliness and purity. Known for its therapeutic properties, lavender is commonly used by athletes in their warm-up and pre-competition preparations.

Chamomile: has historically been used to induce and accelerate sleep. It is highly valued in medicine.

Clary Sage: is powerfully relaxing. Renowned for its energising effects on the body and mind, it holds invaluable properties for soothing pre-match or workplace challenges.

Rose: Complementing the properties of Lavender and Sage, Rose provides emotional support and soothes everyday stresses and strains. It is said to have the highest vibrational frequency of any other oil possessing vibrant emotional benefits and spiritual healing.

Sacred Frankincense: A relaxing and meditative oil, it encourages feelings of calm and soothes the mind. Balsamic and sweet in nature, this oil tones and clarifies the mind and sensory pathways.

Melissa Oil: Known as lemon balm oil, this oil is used in almost all balms due to its soothing properties and sweet aroma.

Essential Oil Composition

Leading with: English Lavender, Lavender de Provence, Dalmatian Sage
Centred with: Rose Absolute Maroc, Blue German Chamomile
Grounded with: English Peppermint, Somalian Frankincense
Carrier Oil: Coconut Oil

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