The Carry On: July 2020

The Carry On is our monthly round-up of our favourite travel items we'd happily haul from Stansted to Seville, Heathrow to Hydra. Be it a functional fedora or the latest in skincare science, we've probably got it in our carry on. Riffing on the adage "if you can think it, you can be it", we're saying: "If you can jam it in your carry on… you can bring it." Catchy.

Note: weight restrictions and other practicalities do not apply.

Tan-accenting souvenirs, block printed floral cloths, plus the apps to download for mindful travel moments

Wisteria Silk Face Mask

The Vampire's Wife

It seems that for the foreseeable any adventuring we do will be accompanied by a face mask. Whether you're in a position to board a flight, need to use public transport or are taking a short Uber ride, wearing cloth face masks is an important action to take to help protect others. Considering masks occupy a fair amount of real estate on your face, it's nice to scout out some aesthetically pleasing ones that are civically responsible but chic. The Vampire's Wife's weekly drops of 100-per-cent silk floral renditions edged with scallop-cut ruffles meet that brief, with a percentage of proceeds going to charities selected by The Vampire's Wife community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The masks sell out almost instantly so it's wise to sign up to its newsletter for early access.

Buy now at The Vampire's Wife£35.00

Rainbow Brite set of three enamel bracelets

Roxanne Assoulin

Roxanne Assoulin's Rainbow Brite enamel bracelets remind us of summertime - stripey ice lollies, kaleidoscopic sun umbrellas… you get the vibe. Camp-craft creations, like this set, take us back to June '98, wild swimming in the Catskills with our fast-found friends and memories of stretched evenings dominated by inhaling multiple melted marshmallows sandwiched in crumbly graham crackers are instantly brought to the fore. From a slew of sweet combinations, these 90s-loving wristlets provide a vacation-ready look whether you're staying close to home this year or are formulating plans to dot your way around the Balearic Islands (accumulating an armful of tan-accenting souvenirs as you go).

Buy now at Roxanne Assoulin£161.00

Cotton Cloth 220x270 Nizam Stripes Turquoise Acid Green

Lisa Corti

Bright, bold and upbeat, this cotton cloth by Lisa Corti can be used as a tablecloth, bedspread or picnic blanket - molto versatile, no? The splashy linen sheet, rendered in the most elegant block-printed florals and stripes, fits most dinner tables and brings an element of whimsy to practically any tablescape. Accent it with brightly hued tableware for a bountiful aesthetic whether picnicking in Richmond or dining al fresco in the foothills of Andalusia; Lisa Corti's characteristically vibrant palettes will elevate any scenario.

Buy now at Lisa Corti£170.00

Colorfy App

While our adult mindfulness colouring book may now sit atop a discarded heap in the spare room, we're not quite sure we're ready to say goodbye to an activity that truly did bring us a lot of calm for a time. While we've noted the positive effect of such pursuits, colouring on a busy train carriage in our workwear always felt a little, well, infantilising. Switch over to Colorfy and use your phone for the same effect - an excellent way to chill out and get creative in one, unbeknownst to anyone but you.

Buy now at £0.00

C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant's C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream is a peachy keen restorative skincare treatment for the entire eye area. Use twice a day to repair damage and brightening the skin under and around each eye. Potent ingredients including cucumber extract, vitamin C and a blend of eight peptides work together to fortify firmer-looking skin around the eye. We like to leave our C-Tango in the fridge for a cooling, soothing treatment - a tried and tested tip.

Buy now at Drunk Elephant£54.00

Set of Eight Hair Ties

Silke London

In at number six is our quarantine hair hero and ultimate 80s accessory: the hair scrunchie. While sleeping on a silk pillowcase is good practice for the sake of your skincare and hair regimes, swapping out a rubber band for a silk scrunchie (day or night) takes things up a level. Made of pure, long-fibre mulberry silk, these scrunchies by Silke London go to great lengths to protect your hair from breaking and tugging - go from top knot wraparound to wrist-side accessory damage and dent free.

Buy now at Silke London£40.00

MEYA app

Struggling to meditate? Us too. MEYA's library of meditative music helps tune the brain into a calmer state through a series of "mind journeys" ranging from eight to 12 minutes. Varying rhythms and frequencies are implemented to take your mind totally off duty. For your first month of use, you can test tracks for free before committing long-term. In your initial download, you'll receive 12 free tracks in the music section, seven in the mind section and a further seven in the life section. Ommm… sign us up!

Buy now at £6.99
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