Vol. 35


Brisbane • Colombia • Kyrgyzstan • Sicily • Singapore • London

Vol. 11


Dive into the world’s most beautiful oceans, take breaks to seaside towns and visit cities that revolve around water.

Cornwall • Greece • Montreal • Philippines • Toronto • Vancouver

Vol. 10


The celebration of life has many faces: we party-hop across the globe to celebrate music, creativity, frivolity and spirit.

Delhi • Jaipur • Mumbai • New Orleans • Las Vegas • Los Angeles • Stockholm

Vol. 9

Food and Drink

Exploring the world one mouthful at a time, we go from Korean barbecue in Seoul to Michelin-starred tapas in San Sebastián.

Hong Kong • Seoul • Tokyo • Portland, Maine • San Sebastián

Vol. 8


A look at some of the cities at the heart of the tech revolution, where innovations give travel a whole new dimension.

Berlin • Dublin • London • San Francisco • Florianópolis

Vol. 7

World Cup

For the Rio World Cup we spent a summer in South America – and had the Maracaña stadium to ourselves for our shoot.

Rio de Janeiro • São Paulo • Trancoso • Asunción • Buenos Aires • Punta del Este

Vol. 6


It may not be realistic to take hours out of each day to relax, but getting away from it all when you can is invaluable.

Amman • Budapest • Copenhagen • Dubai • Mustang • Kuala Lumpur

Vol. 5

Making Waves

We turn our gaze to the most colourful corners of the globe, finding the pulsating music destinations that are marking waves.

Amsterdam • Berlin • Cape Town • New York • Honduras • Kingston • Portland

Vol. 4


Moving forward does not mean erasing the past; rather it calls for a revolution in motion that respects history.

Bogota • Cartagena • Istanbul • Madrid • Medellin • Singapore • Reyjkavík