Where to Travel in August

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is a great starting point for those wanting to explore more of eastern Europe. While potentially too drab for a wintertime visit, this highly walkable city becomes a vibrant place with a little bit of sunshine come summer, as onion-domed churches and Ottoman architecture meet a buzzing nightlife, making for a cool cultural break.

Portland, Maine

Gourmet globetrotters should put Portland on their hit list because its seaside-meets-forest location means that only the freshest produce lands on your plate. Drive over to Rockland, just two hours north of Portland, for Maine's annual lobster festival.

Malta and Gozo

With the highest amount of historical sites per square metre than anywhere in the world and an almost perpetually sunny climate, Malta wins on weather and culture, while also being pretty cheap. Head over to the nearby island of Gozo for dramatic archaeological ruins and some of the best diving in the Mediterranean.


This beautiful country is ideal for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Cool down from the August heat with water sports on the Soca River, renowned for its incredibly clear emerald waters. Whether you're into river-rafting, kayaking or canyoning, it flows 140KM along the border with Italy, offering activities for total novices to hardcore professionals. The fairytale land of Lake Bled should also not be missed.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The streets of Edinburgh are laced with history, but simultaneously throb with a contemporary identity that is constantly evolving, surprising even its most seasoned visitors. The medieval castle in the heart of the old town meets a roster of new restaurants, bars and pubs, set against a dramatic surrounding landscape. In short, Edinburgh might just have it all. Come in August to experience the world-famous Fringe Festival.

Detroit, Michigan

The city may have struggled through difficult economic times in recent years, but Detroit's appetite for music, art and culture never really left. And in 2017, the Michigan metropolis is a picture of optimism and hedonism. The city is forging its own identity and redefining "cool" in its own way while embracing it's cultural history, rich with the beaux arts fabric of its downtown area and scenes of smoky jazz bars serving soul food.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Stylish, serene and warmer than a freshly baked cinnamon bun, Sweden's second-largest city bursts into life in the warmer months. Bars overflow onto the streets, restaurants stay open late and the docks fill with locals stocking little boats with camping supplies for a weekend of island hopping.

Corfu, Greece

Corfu's rugged, fishing-boat bedecked coastline has earned it the reputation of the ultimate beach escape. In the north of the island you'll find rustic villas hidden among dense olive groves, but you have to look south to really immerse yourself in the local culture. This is where you'll find a Corfu that's unspoiled, relatively tourist-free (even in high season) and rustic in all its white-washed glory.

Ramatuelle, France

Not far from Côte d'Azur's popular spots St Tropez and Sainte-Maxime, Ramatuelle is a worthy stopover along the French Riviera. Ensconced by fields of lavender and sandy beaches, this provincial village is the stuff of Tropezian myth. Overlooking Provence's rolling lavender fields and endless striped vineyards, Ramatuelle is small French village masked by tall medieval walls. Like something out of a storybook, wander through the circular, labyrinthine streets seeking out historical jewels on every corner. Stop by the 16th-century Church of Notre Dame, filled with gilded statues and an ancient watchtower or visit the crumbling, disused prison, built in an unusual Arabian style by Napoleon III. Continue down narrow, shady streets, admiring stone gateways and charming buildings covered in tumbling bougainvillea, until you arrive at the tree-studded central square. The smell of freshly baked croissants and strong coffee will lure you into a quaint bistros or cafés, where you can sit and watch the sun rise above houses decked with jasmine, honeysuckle and - naturally - lavender. Come in August, when Ramatuelle's annual Jazz music festival fills the air with sounds almost as sweet as the perfumed scent of lavender.

What's happening in August?

1-5 August: Lollapalaooza, Chicago, Illinois, US

2-26 August: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

11-15 August: Eid al-Adha

24-26 August: Notting Hill Carnival, London

25 August-2 September: Burning Man Festival

26 July-4 August: European Masters Games, Italy

28 August: La Tomatina, Spain